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Rumble in the Mountain:
A Geological Fable of Conflict and Resolution

An Original Drama by Rappahannock County High School Students

ACB's"Rumble in the Mountain" was written by 12 creative writing students in collaboration with their teacher, Cindy Cumins and me, as an Artist-in-Residence. The act of writing it was a process of creation coming out of conflict. The students also wrote and performed all the music. It was first performed at Rappahannock County High School in 1998 to kick off the Peer Mediation program of the school. An article appeared in "Teaching Tolerance" magazine in the fall of 1998 featuring the ACB murals and the play. Copies of the video went to every state in the Union, and the IRS used it as a training video for its office in Texas. Jan Morehouse, principal of Jurapa Valley High School in Mira Loma., Ca. requested the script so that it could be performed by her students at her 2000 student school. The Rappahannock community sent 8 members of the original cast with me out to California to see "Rumble" performed and to do training with the students in the ACB's of Conflict Resolution.

Running Time: 50 minutes.

Appropriate for Elementary, Middle School, High School Students as well as adults.

Available in both the original play version and a made-for-film version. The film version of "Rumble in the Mountain" is a gift of film-maker Maria Siccardi, who was so moved by the play that she volunteered to film and edit a movie of it. The busy students also volunteered their time. Sites around Rappahannock County were used.

Price: $20, including shipping and handling. Proceeds go to RCHS.

The script is also available for $20 and is adaptable to local stories.

Click here to order.


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